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Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness based therapies are based on age old techniques that have

been used across the globe and have more recently been combined with

CBT and scientifically studied. As a compliment to CBT, mindfulness

training enhances awareness of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors as they

occur, while emphasizing acceptance of individual experiences. 


Mindfulness has been described as “paying attention in a particular way:

on purpose,in the present moment, and non-judgmentally” (Kabat-Zinn, 1994, p.4). Because much of life stress stems from worrying about past or future events, present focused training is a powerful method by which to handle discomfort caused by unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

Mindfulness based therapy is the primary pain management treatment at the center,although it is also used for problems varying from work stress to extreme worry. The center’s mindfulness based treatments include techniques such as mindfulness based meditation and brief daily mindfulness exercises that are incorporated into daily living.

Goals of Mindfulness Training:


1) Gain attentional control and discontinue living “automatically”. Increase your ability

     to shift attention, rather than allowing emotion to determine your focus.


2) Cultivate a nonjudgmental and more objective perspective of emotions, thoughts,

     and physical sensations. You as a whole are much more than thoughts and emotions.
3) Increase ability to live in the present rather than focusing on the past or the future.

     Live life to the fullest by focusing attention on current experiences in the here and now.

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