Call 925.400.9604 to inquire about appointment availability. Prior to

your first appointment your therapist will email you an intake packet.

Please print and complete the consent forms and clinical intake forms prior

to your first appointment. Because we hold time slots for our clients, we

ask that clients attend all scheduled sessions. Clients with non-emergency

situations must cancel appointments 48 hours prior to the appointment time

in order to avoid being charged the full session fee.


Therapy begins with an hour long initial intake assessment session and typically follows by weekly 45 or 60 minute therapy sessions. Over the initial few sessions, therapist and patient assess fit and the clinical assessment is completed. The client and therapist then create therapy goals and a case formulation is started. The therapy is active and home practice is jointly determined. The practice of skills and challenges outside of therapy is essential to treatment success.




Fees vary by therapist and are discussed with clients during initial phone consultations. The Cognitive Behavior Therapy & Mindfulness Center does not accept insurance and therefore interventions are not limited by insurance constraints. Clients are responsible for payment of all service related fees at the time of appointment. Fees are prorated for all other services such as coordination of care with health care providers, extended phone contact, and report writing. Credit cards are not accepted. Monthly receipts are available to all clients and are used by many to receive reimbursement for our out of network psychotherapy services.