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The Parent Training Program


Would you like to learn how to encourage your child to challenge their

fears? The Parent Training Program is designed to empower parents with

children who avoid situations that create uncertainty and have difficulty

challenging anxiety. This program is designed for parents of children with

anxiety and OCD. It is not designed to address oppositionality, self-harm,

or violent behavior.


Through this program, parents will learn to improve relationships with their family members, become proficient in behavioral strategies for decreasing avoidant child behaviors, and learn to manage emotions that make effective parenting difficult. You will learn:


  • Scientifically supported behavioral strategies

  • How to change avoidance behaviors

  • To stop walking on eggshells around your child

  • What to do to increase positive child behavior

  • How to mindfully manage anxiety & stress


To make an appointment or for more information about The Parent Training Program and cognitive behavioral therapy please  call 925.400.9604.
















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